Shine bright like a neon light!

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Syrett Neon International is an established business with over 40 years experience in the manufacture and installation of neon signs and cold cathode lighting.  We have the ability to design, create, install, remove and standby at any location worldwide to suit your requirements.

We are experienced in working at speed dealing with dramatic concepts and effects. Simple or intricate, small or large, Syrett Neon is capable of making something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Neon lighting is available in a large range of sizes and spectacular colours and can with the help of the latest graphic design technology and our experienced glass benders, can be hand made into exactly what you need. Syrett Neon uses only the highest quality materials to make our product not only look the best but, stay looking the best. In addition we have the electronic hardware to make neon flow or chase and will be on hand at any time to advise and assist with any technical problems you may encounter.

With experience in the TV, film, theatre, art and the retail industry, we are renowned for our customer service which is in turn reflected in our client base,

Our reputation for quality has enabled us to establish trusted long term relationships with clients across all industry sectors, with the majority of our work coming from repeat business or recommendations.

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Neon signs have been around for a very long time. Due to the incredible range of colours available, neon signs are the most eye catching form of signage. The life expectancy of a neon sign is typically around 25 years. You can control neon to do anything, flash, chase or dim to suit any application.

Neon lighting is still a handmade art and has a "cool" charm that makes it as popular as ever, even in the modern tech world.​

Exposed neon with its 360 degree light, is something that there is no substitute for. For this reason, we believe there will always be a place for neon in the market place

We have previously manufactured custom made neon signs for TV productions, advertising campaigns, retail displays, events companies, theatres, art installations and private individuals.

​If you are looking for bespoke neon signs, we can manufacture to your specifications. From sketchpad to finished neon sign. Produced in our workshop and installed anywhere in the world.

If glass neon lighting is not suitable for your application, we can supply LED neon as a close replacement.

Each custom LED neon sign is made to order, machined to guarantee brand accuracy and performance.

LED neon signs use environmentally friendly LEDs to illuminate and display all shapes and colours of the required design or brand logo.

We know that when it comes to handling and installing neon lighting, safety is key. LED neon is a robust acrylic alternative to traditional glass neon. It can be couriered all over the world, without the risk of breakage. LED neon is a versatile, innovative alternative to glass neon lighting.
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