Neon lighting imageNeon lighting imageNeon lighting image
Neon signs have been around for a very long time. Due to the incredible range of colours available, neon signs are the most eye catching form of signage. The life expectancy of a neon sign is typically around 25 years. You can control neon to do anything, flash, chase or dim to suit any application.

Neon lighting is still a handmade art and has a "cool" charm that makes it as popular as ever, even in the modern tech world.​

Exposed neon with its 360 degree light, is something that there is no substitute for. For this reason, we believe there will always be a place for neon in the market place

We have previously manufactured custom made neon signs for TV productions, advertising campaigns, retail displays, events companies, theatres, art installations and private individuals.

​If you are looking for bespoke neon signs, we can manufacture to your specifications. From sketchpad to finished neon sign. Produced in our workshop and installed anywhere in the world.